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Types of Boards

Ash   Butternut   Hickory   Sugar Maple  

Click to enlarge These hearty trees are abundant in Minnesota. The light colored wood is tough and hard, and the contrasting annual growth rings make them a favorite of wood-grain lovers. White ash grows in sunny, well drained uplands, while black ash loves water and rich soil, and can usually be found along rivers and streams. Tom's unique personal crafting has preserved the natural beauty and durability of these end-grain slices. This tough wood is sealed with a moisture-resistant finish and can be used as a cutting board, trivet or coaster.

Click to enlarge While butternut is not as well known as its relative, Black Walnut, it has a striking beauty and warmth unsurpassed in a whole-log slice. It is one of our most popular woods, but is becoming rare in Minnesota due to a tree disease. Tom has cured and crafted the healthy trees he finds with extreme care to preserve the beautiful bark and contrasting colors. This tree comes from the woods of southern Minnesota and likes to grow in moist lowlands. While not the hardest of our woods, this board is sealed with a tough, moisture-resistant finish and can be used for most cutting purposes, as well as serving and decorating.

Our Butternut boards are limited due to the rarity of the wood.

Click to enlarge The Hickory tree has played an important part in our American heritage by providing wood for many purposes, from making axe handles to smoking and curing meats. It is the hardest and most dense of all of our native woods, and the nuts of some varieties are very good eating. We think the Hickory is our most durable board for all around use, bringing together the best of our skills and nature's raw material. These boards will withstand heavy duty cutting use, and with ordinary care, they could last a generation or more.

Sugar Maple
Click to enlarge The Sugar Maple is noted for its sweet sap, striking fall colors, and hard wood. Along the North shore of Lake Superior where this tree grows, unique soil and climate conditions have produced unusual heartwood patterns. Tom's careful curing and personal crafting through many processes has preserved the rugged beauty of this maple slice. The moisture resistant finish will help preserve this beauty through many years of cutting and many other uses.

Boards by Joel
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